General Troubleshooting

Many issues may be solved by following the steps below and confirming that power supplies are ok and connections are plugged in properly.


Firstly, confirm there are no outages on Network status page here -

If there are outages, you can find out more, either by logging into your account online at, the Dreamtilt Network Status page or via updates on or

Next follow the basic steps to confirm your roof radio unit is ok -


  1. Check the radio power supply is plugged in firmly, the power to it is turned on, and the power supply has a green LED light on it. Depending on your installation you may have either of the following types of power supplies -

    Radio Power Supply 1  Radio Power Supply 2  Radio Power Supply 3

    Both power supplies will have a green LED light on them indicating power is available. If there is no green LED light on the radio power supply, check the power cable and power source is plugged in correctly and on. If the green LED light is blinking, contact Dreamtilt via online support ticket in your online Billing account at to orgainise an onsite visit to repair the installation.

  2. Check the Ethernet connections that connect to the radio power supply. Try unplugging the Ethernet cable and then plug back in again firmly into the radio power supply. Make sure that the Ethernet cable from the radio power supply that states Gigabit Data (or states To Computer, or may also state 1GbE LAN) is plugged into the Blue WAN port on the back of the wireless router (see below). Make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged in firmly also to the WAN port of the router (unplug and plug back in firmly so it 'clicks' in). If the cable is loose or falls out (if the plastic locking tab on the Ethernet connection is broken for instance) then the Ethernet cable should be replaced.


  3. From the power supply, check the Ethernet cable that is plugged into the Gigabit Data and Power (or states To Radio) is plugged in firmly (unplug and then re-plug in firmly) and also check if the cable goes to a wall socket connection that it is also plugged in firmly in the wall socket. Check also that the plastic tab on the Ethernet cable is not broken - and if so, replace the Ethernet cable. The cable must sit firm in the sockets, otherwise intermittent issues may occur. NOTE: The power from the radio power supply can ONLY be plugged into the wall socket that is connected to the Dreamtilt roof radio unit - do not simply plug it into another Ethernet wall socket or phone outlet in the house.

  4. Once you have checked these connections, check the Internet status light on the router. It is normally the last light on the right when looking at the front of the router. Check to see if the light is off, orange or green. If the light is off, recheck steps 1 to 3, and if still not either Orange or Green, contact Dreamtilt via support ticket to organise a site visit to fix the installation. If the light is Green then it means the router has logged in and Internet connection is back online.


    If the router light is Orange it means that either the account has been suspended (you can check if Suspended in your online account at and review any overdue invoices), or the router has the wrong credentials and is not logging in. If the router reset button was pressed, then the settings on the router will have been removed and the wifi will now state TPLink-xxxx or similar. In this instance you must follow the instructions here, to put the settings back into your router correctly and connect to the internet.

  5. If the Internet Status lights are Green, but you have no wifi connections, check the wifi LEDs on the router are on and green. If they are off, then it is likely you have turned off the wifi using the wifi on/off button on the back of the router (Note, this button is not on all routers and will depend on the model router, see picture below). Locate the wifi on/off button (not the reset button) and hold in the wifi on/off button for 5 seconds. The wifi LEDs will then go green and you can recheck and connect to your wifi name again.

  6. If you are still having issues after fault finding, please contact us either via your account login at and raise a Support Ticket, or email us at, call us on 1300 306 126 or message us at 


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