Dreamtilt wishes to advise customers that those connected to the NRG Stacks will have their services affected on the 10th September from 6am to 5pm.

NRG will be upgrading the electrical services to the NRG Stacks. The purpose of this upgrade is to allow future outage requirements to be powered by a generator to reduce outage requirements to the Dreamtilt wireless equipment. However this requires a full day outage to replace electrical equipment to allow for this to occur. We are hopeful that the outage time will be less - however we are planning for the outage to last most of the day.

During this time internet and phone services will be disrupted to all residential and business customers connected via the NRG Stacks.

We will be available via the phone, however we are alerting customers to ensure they have alternative connections available (such as mobile hot spot) for this duration. Dreamtilt customers with VoIP or PBX services can also have their numbers diverted to a mobile number during the day if required.

If you need further details, please contact us on 1300 306 126 or email admin@dreamtilt.com.au.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

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