Faulty Radio on Grainco affecting customer connections

Dreamtilt is aware of a faulty radio affecting customer connections causing intermittent drop outs for some customers connected to Grainco. We have ordered a replacement radio to be shipped overnight and we are hopeful to replace the radio by tomorrow (30th November 2021) provided overnight delivery is successful. We will update our progress ... Read More »

29th Nov 2021
Outage for customers on NRG Stack for October 4th to October 6th 2021

Dreamtilt would like to advise that between 4th October and 6th October, upgrades will be occurring to the radios on the NRG Stacks. Customers on these stacks will have intermittent outages as the backhaul radio is significantly upgraded and other components on the stack are also upgraded to support 5G wireless services in the future. Outages ... Read More »

27th Sept 2021
Intermittent Internet for NRG Customers on May 19th 2021

Dreamtilt would like to inform that some customers connected to radio access points on NRG may experience intermittent internet issues as painting is occurring on the NRG stacks where are radio equipment is located.   Dreamtilt will be performing small maintenance tasks on Wednesday 19th May related to these radios during the day to ... Read More »

17th May 2021
Dreamtilt Backhaul Radio from Maurice to Biondello replaced on Friday 4th December

Dreamtilt wishes to advise customers that due to an issue as a result of a power outage at Maurice the main radio link between Biondello and Maurice is currently running at reduced speeds. Dreamtilt will be replacing the backhaul radio on this link on Friday 4th December. There will be intermittent network issues as this work is completed. We ... Read More »

4th Dec 2020